Chief of Tunisian cooking, Restaurateur, Hotelier, author of cookbooks and presenter of cooking programs at the Tunisian television and radio. Rafik Tlatli presents his fish, meat and seafood specialities in his restaurant SLOVENIA in Nabeul.
Shrimp and chicken salad
Chiken breast, shrimps, tomatoes, sweet corn, onions, cumin, vinaigrette
12.500 dt
Salade Carissimo
8.000 dt
Verrine with salmon and tuna fish mousse 14.000 dt
Shrimp carpaccio 28.000 dt
Swordfish carpaccio 16.000 dt
Spaghetti with prawns
Eggplant, ricotta and Parmesan
18.000 dt
Tagliatelle with seafood
Shrimp sauce
22.000 dt
Mediterranean Fruits
Crispy shrimps
18.000 dt
Mussels "Marinière"
or with mustard cream
14.000 dt
Fried calamari 17.000 dt
shrimps en chemise, golden calmar, octopus salad
22.000 dt
The new Tunisian cooking flavour
Warda with shrimps and beef 21.000 dt
Lahma bil Tounn
entre-cote with tuna, cheese and egg
22.000 dt
Lamb in rosemary steam 24.000 dt
Couscous with seafood, fish, lamb and chicken
Creation of the Chef
26.000 dt
Sea specialities
Fried fish platter (2 pers)
45,000 dt
Mussels, kamounia cuttlefish, grilled squid, shrimp,
finger fatma seafood, fish fry
Satay Indonesien
With shrimps 28.000 dt
Mini skewers of grilled shrimps on charcoal
with peanut sauce, curry, vegetables and rice
Shrimps "à la gargoulette"
for 2 pers.
45.000 dt
Calmar "Sambal"
spicy calmar with coconut milk, ginger and mushrooms
18.000 dt
Wok Shrimps
asiatic chinese noodles
23.000 dt
Grill Specialities
Filet "Hunter Art" 20.000 dt
Grilled meat "trois mousquetaires"
with barbecue sauce
23.000 dt
Filet skewers
with barbecue sauce
28.000 dt
Tender grilled chicken
Olive and lemon sauce
14.000 dt
Secrets of the Chef
Pork chop with caramelized onions
with potatoes sautéed
18.000 dt
Shin of pork
with sauerkraut and potatoes sautéed
19.000 dt
Grilled pork Slovénia
mixt Grill of pork rib, sausages and sauerkraut
22.000 dt
Basket of season fruits 8.000 dt
Chocolate muffin
with vanilla sauce and orange marmelade
10.000 dt
Lemon pie with vanilla ice cream 10.000 dt
Vanilla ice cream with hot cherries 12.000 dt
Crème brulée Catalane 8.000 dt
Parfait with Chamia
sesame paste
9.000 dt
Recommended by the Chef



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